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Working the horse by long reining - eBook
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Working the horse by long reining - eBook

Working the horse by long reining.

Long reining – the essential groundwork for riding and driving.

Long reining is a well established method for schooling not only young horses but also mature horses which have reached a higher level of development.

The advantage is that this type of work also gives the person holding the reins the opportunity of developing the ability to ”read” the horse - which is necessary and valuable in both driving and riding. In addition to promoting communication and leadership, this method provides the opportunity to work without the weight of the saddle and the rider.

Veterinarians often recommend it for rehabilitation. With a well designed program of exercise many health problems can be solved with this training method - providing it is performed correctly.
This book gives you a wealth of basic tips and advice which I hope will facilitate working with your horse.

Author: Anders Eriksson
Photographer: Juha Nyberg
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